Fourth Environment

Real Estate Development + Urban Design


We're the kind of people who like to ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Our time and energy is focused entirely on making cities better, and along the way we've thought of a few ideas that are pretty useful.

Net Attraction Framework

Net Attraction is a theoretical framework for seeing and understanding the connections between the design of the built-environment and the value of real estate.

The Net Attraction Framework has been featured at more than a dozen conferences and symposia around the country, and is Fourth Environment's most well-known work.

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Adaptive Code

The emerging field of Complexity is redefining science in the 21st Century. The Adaptive Code is a rational response to the recognition of cities as Complex Adaptive Systems. The code seeks to establish a policy framework that will enable the rapid emergence and evolution of sustainable urban development patterns.

Adaptive Code is a new and exciting work in progress. If you're interested in the implication of Complexity in Cities and want to participate, please read more at the link below.

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